Barrow Boys – Black Ink Porter


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Porters seemed like such a blur, I didn’t have much interest in dry cocoa or roasted malts. And in beer class I dreamed IPA, Of a hop ‘n’ roll weekend And the barrow boy brewer in the front of the room, So close yet so … Continue reading

Hawkers – Imperial Touch….I Mean Stout.


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Well I’ve been waiting, waiting for so long, But thinking nothing, nothing like this would come along, ooh now I know Hawkers Imperial Stout has a built in ability To take everything I taste And now it seems I’m falling, falling … Continue reading

Sierra Nevada – Tropical IPA Beer Camp

I got an invitation to go to Sierra Nevada beer camp, there will be drinkin’, sipping, swilling, sculling all in an evening.The tropical IPA flavour track will go multi platinum, Tropical hop flavours while the toffee malts burnyou may not wanna stay to see how we take care of a hop bomb. Crappy pilsners are kinda far away so come along with me we can dance and trip and be beer alchemists, we gotta get the manual and put it in the oven ’til it cooks then we’re gonna take the mashes to the hop sails and use them to spike the beer punch
Rules of Sierra Nevada beer camp: reckless abandonment, random acts of drunkness will be rewarded. if you see somebody drinking anything but craft, you’ll be expected to beat them cause everyone who’s no one, will be drinking beer camp, no one who is someone, will ever get to know the joys of beer alchemism , destruction of the system, yeah!

So come along with us, fruit salad flavours and caramel malt nights on the anarchaic beer camp bus, we’re gonna pick up grapefruits and citrus and a half a dozen malt hints and we’re never coming home, underwater beer camp drinking (we got some arts and crafts) meth-amphetamine symposiums (they last a couple days) Lingering bitterness killer feels (you better get it right) sculling in ice hockey rinks (of course checking is allowed) Beer camp’s never inert (you think we don’t know that it’s)

not much fun ’til someone gets hurt (our only motto) so we’re cleaning up the IPA glasses, time to make some reservations for next years Sierra Nevada Beer camp.

Thanks to NoFx for writing the awesome Anarchy Camp which is where the inspiration & original words of my review came from. 

Black Dog Brewery


   Black dog brewery- Drifter LagerMacca… We miss you mate, I can still remember the day the boys & I wandered up to film the high country episodes of Craftbeer Crusaders & we got the interview of the century! It … Continue reading

Wolf Of The Willows – JSP (Johnny Smoke Porter


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As i sit here writing this my social media feed is being filled with joy from celebrations at Wolf Of The Willows who recently celebrated their 1st birthday as a brewery. In honour of this momentous occasion i have decided … Continue reading

Sierra Nevada – Hop Hunter


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Be very very quiet…. we’re hunting hops!!! So… Sierra Nevada had some fun with this one it seems… something about some funky way to extract oil from the hops or what not… apparently the method of collecting them was through … Continue reading