Two Metre Tall Brewery – Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale

2MT Spelt Ale 001Now i don’t say this often and i do mean it when i say i have been looking forward to sampling some beer from Two Metre Tall Brewery for quite some time. I’ve just never had the opportunity to purchase some until recently. The first of the two i got my hands on was the Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale, which has a rather awesome looking bottle and label that certainly points it out for all the rest, It’s creatively designed and put together and really caught my eye. I especially like the type of rough recycled feel that label and cap label have going on. But enough about my love for creativity in labels and more about the bloody beer huh!

So hows about that label huh…. sorry… the beer huh… the beer… which when opened pours a golden/straw with a slight haze kicking in and a fluffy white head that lingers well and kicks off some seriously funky aromas. Upfront you get some soft but still potent sour notes and big doses of zesty zingy citrus with hints of fresh crushed apple and an earthy hit with funky yeasty notes backing it all up. There are also some clove/pepper hints as well as a sort of vinegar waft rounding the whole thing out. It’s really quite something i will say that and i know some of you may not dig it but i did!

2MT Spelt Ale 005With a start to a beer like that where the fuck does one take it…. i mean what more can the flavour give us that the aroma hasn’t… i guess the only way to truly know is to drink the fucker! which i duly did… a soft sour citrus note with a real farmhouse funk going on in there and some serious fun/cool fresh crushed apple bite as well as that awesome vinegar kick with soft wheaty notes buried deep within the beer. The end carries through that dry tarty citrus note and soft peppery spices finish this beauty of a beer off really well.

The Derwent Spelt Ale is very unique when we talk about creative beers. It has everything going on all at once yet is still able to separate the flavours when needed. It’s fun and refreshing all rolled into one and has a sort of awesome tarty farmhouse sour feel going on. Now it’s not too sour but has just enough funk to keep you interested for those who love the sour funk. Just imagine kicking back on your balcony after a hard days toil on the farm and downing one of these refreshing beauties, i assure you no one would complain about hard labour after one of these.

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