Ballast Point Brewing – Big Eye IPA

Ballast Point Big Eye IPA 001Ballast Point Brewing where have you been all my life. For so long i have stared at you wondering if i should remove you from that chilly fridge and for so long i have refused to because of my lack of adventure when selecting beer from Woolworths Bottle Shops. Now this is nothing against you it is a fear of the unknown with Woolies… Thankfully not too long ago i decided i would give you a go and i’m happy to admit upfront it was a very wise decision indeed.

For you see upon opening your top i was met with a big punchy tropical (grapefruit/citrus) hop hit that carried with it some wonderful doses of solid resinous pine hits with a good dose of caramel underneath it all…. Just so much more than i could have ever expected from your clear amber hue with your small light tanned head that dissipated quickly… You had me at Big Eye IPA…..

Ballast Point Big Eye IPA 002From the moment i took that first sip i knew i was in too deep, i was caught hook, line and sinker… Boomtish!!! Those delicate caramels that hold up the big pine/citrus hits upfront followed closely by tropical hints with grapefruit being the dominant flavour with some soft spice hints that follow through with a dry lingering spice bitterness and leave you yearning for more.. Once again i throw my line back into the glass in the hope i catch some more.

The nose on this beer is something special. Maybe i say that because of my hesitance for so long to actually try it, or maybe it’s simply because it is just a fucking good beer…. i’m going with the latter. This beer is the sort of beer you could sip slowly whilst fishing in the local river… rod prodded up by the forked stick you found on the walk down, while you sit back in your foldout chair & wait for the fish to bite, all the while enjoying all those hop high flavours.

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